Our Process

Our Process

Connect with our Nanaimo team at Tomkins Financial to get started today.

1. Get in touch with our financial advisors

Call or send a quick email to our Nanaimo office to introduce yourself and let us know what your goals are. From there, a member of our wealth management team will meet with you to learn more about your financial objectives. Whether it’s paying off your mortgage at 40, ensuring a comfortable retirement, or building up a nest egg for your grandchildren — whatever your stage of life, our financial advisors can help make your financial dreams a reality.

Get in touch with our investment advisors at Tomkins Financial

2. Meet with a financial advisor in our Nanaimo office

At Tomkins Financial, we want to be your trusted financial advisors and build a long-term relationship, so this casual first meeting will be about getting to know you and what makes you tick. After our discovery meeting, we’ll research all available data to design a personalized plan tailored to your specific financial goals.

Visit with a Tomkins Financial advisor in our Nanaimo office

3. Put your personalized financial plan into action

If you like the idea of what we’ve discovered and created, we can go over our recommendations and all the specifics in a secondary meeting. You’ll know exactly what to expect with clearly outlined recommendations, our simple fee structure, and a conversation free of confusing shop talk. Once you‘re completely comfortable and ready to officially dot the t’s and cross the i’s, we’ll get started building your bridge to financial freedom.

Put your personalized financial plan into action with Tomkins Financial

If you’re ready to stop dreaming and start working towards your financial goals, contact our Nanaimo team to arrange a discovery meeting today.